10 Tips to Stage a Spa Treatment at Home

10 Tips to Stage a Spa Treatment at Home

10 Tips to Stage a Spa Treatment at Home - Home Spa Treatment - Simple tips to Set up a Spa at Home | Tips on - Find TipsThe ultimate way to get all the rest and relaxation is to go to a spa and get pampered. But these days people hardly have the time to go to a spa. So why not bring the spa to your home? Home spas are becoming popular very quickly. Just follow these simple tips and you can set up an excellent spa at your home all by yourself.

1) Store some hot towels in your cooler. Soak the towels in hot water and wring them. Then keep them in the cooler so that they remain hot. Another option is to microwave, that will help too.

2) Keep some quarter size plastic bowls to put out shampoo lotions, bath salts, water and other spa materials.

3) Always use a sheet that will not only purify the herbs, creams and oils that you will use, but also protect your furniture as well. You can use cotton or natural muslin for this purpose.

4) While you are applying oil or creams, it is better to use a wrap that will keep you warm. This is the fourth step to set up a spa at home. In this case the best thing to use is a blanket made of wool. In case if you do not have a woolen blanket then you can use any other material you wish.

5) Do not forget to keep a dry skin brush. Exfoliation is very important when it comes to spa treatment, so do not forget this important instrument. For exfoliation, you can also use a gentle scrub, as that is helpful as well.

6) Remember, when it comes to spa and towels, more is best. You need lots of towels. You will definitely need more than one towel for sure during different treatments. Besides, it is better to keep some spare ones to clean up if there is any mess.

7) Another two important things are slippers and robes. They are the attire for a spa. Even if it is your home spa, keep these two near.

8) Cotton pads are a must. They will help to remove any cream or oil on the face. Always use the big circular ones.

9) A spa is incomplete without facial masks and scrubs. You can either get them from the market or prepare your own.

10) Last but not least, bath salt. They are very important. It is better to prepare the bath salts at home. The ones available in the market contain chemicals that will cause irritation.

Just follow these simple ten tips and you are all set for your very own home spa.

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