17 Ways to Get Good Sleep at Night

17 Ways to Get Good Sleep at Night

17 Ways to Get Good Sleep at Night - Ways to Get Good Night Sleep - Techniques to get a Good Sleep at Night - | Tips on - Find TipsTension at work, tension in the family, financial crisis, not healthy, putting in extra hours at work, sleeping disorders, taking some specific medications? Yes! These could be the possible reasons, why you are not getting proper sleep at night. Remember “A healthy mind can only give you a healthy body”. Try following these techniques to get a good sleep at night.

Exercising regularly keeps you fit and fine, both at your work place and home. It also increases the quality of sleep you get at night. So exercise regularly. Practice yoga specially Suryanamaskar this reduces obesity and helps you to get proper sleep. Chant OM…… at least 10 times a day. It relaxes all your vital organs. Pray at least for 5 minutes before going to bed. This will relax your mind. Here to lectures, music which will give you peace of mind?

Consult a doctor and allow them to prescribe proper medication to improve sleep. Meet a psychologist with whom you can discuss all your personal and professional problems which you could not have possibly shared with your family and friends.

Have a positive attitude towards life. Try to be in a social circle of like minded people than being lonely. Have healthy eating habits, avoid coffee, tea. Have an early dinner.

Give up or reduce smoking and drinking. Have a proper routine for sleep. “Sleep early, wake up early, stay healthy”. Turn off your cell phone before you go to bed. Don’t worry about your office and family when you go to bed. Have a hot glass of milk or try some relaxation exercises before going to bed. Avoid sleeping during the day. Keep your bed and the surroundings clean.

Remember sleep loss can lead to mental illness and psychiatric disorders. It can also lead to early aging, increased irritability, and may cause depression and memory problems. It can also cause diabetes, high BP.

I hope you don’t want to be one in this list. So what are you waiting for? Start practicing all the above and have a good nights sleep.

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