2011 Tata Indigo e-CS Price In India, 2011 Tata Indigo e-CS Review And Photos

2011 Tata Indigo e-CS Price In India, 2011 Tata Indigo e-CS Review And Photos

Tata Motors’ smallest sedan e-CS is the most fuel efficient and it gave an opportunity to own a sedan with very low budget. The all new e series e-CS has been launched recently which is quite improved from its predecessor.

2011 Tata Indigo e-CS Engine Overview

The car has got petrol and diesel engine options. The Petrol engine is 1.2 litre with MPFI technology. The 1.2 litre MPFI petrol engine will produce 65 PS @ 5000 rpm and a torque of 100 NM @ 2700 rpm. The power of petrol engine is not impressive at all causing poor pickup. We have lot of small cars available which are having more power than 65 PS. The diesel engine comes in two different options – CR4(1.4 litre) and TDI(1.4 litre). The CR4 diesel is the most advanced diesel engine with Common Rail Direct Injection and 16 valve DOHC technology. The TDI engine is based on the Turbocharged Diesel with intercooler technology.

2011 Tata Indigo e-CS Price In India, 2011 Tata Indigo e-CS Review And Photos

CR4 engine is capable of producing 70 PS @ 4000 rpm and 140 NM @ 1800-3000 rpm. On the other hand, the TDI engine is capable of producing 70 PS @ 4500 rpm and 135 NM @ 2500 rpm at max. Thereby we can say the CR4 engine is more refined and powerful. It uses a variable geometry turbocharger. The engine is quite similar to the DICOR engine but grown up.

The diesel engine feels good only between 2000 – 3000 rpm and not beyond 3000 rpm. The 1.2 litre Petrol and 1.4 litre CR4 Diesel are BS4 compliant. But the 1.4 litre TDI is BS3 compliant. One should go for BS4 standards since Govt. of India will be enforcing the BS4 standards soon as a part of pollution control activity. The diesel engines are not very smooth and produce noise. The vibration can be felt from the interior dashboard, clutch, accelerator. It goes up if you press the accelerator.

2011 Tata Indigo e-CS Features & Accessories

There are separate cabin lamps for the front and rear passengers providing the flexibility to switch on the right cabin lamp as per requirement. Vanity mirror on co-driver side also included as a standard accessory. This is will
be helpful for the ladies passengers. Higher variants also have front & rear fog lamps along with electrically adjustable ORVMs. Fog lamps are very useful while driving in rain or foggy environment.

2011 Tata Indigo e-CS Price In India, 2011 Tata Indigo e-CS Review And Photos

The electrical ORVMs will help the driver to adjust the rear view mirrors without opening the window glass especially in the rainy season. It has also the features of e-V2 like Automatic Gradient Climb Assist and Re-crank protection. The Auto Gradient Climb Assist will help the driver to ride the gradient with ease and Re-crank protection will protect the car from cranking the engine when it is ON.

Child lock is also provided at the rear door to prevent the child from opening the rear door while driving the car. The audio has got Bluetooth connectivity which can be used for attending phone calls from Mobile handset. This provides the safest way to attend all your phone calls without losing control from the

2011 Tata Indigo e-CS Exterior & Interior

The interior color scheme is Dual tone beige & coco brown. It gives a very nice look to the interiors. The dashboard is quite improved compare to normal indica models. The central AC vents and AC controls have got wooden finish but this is available only for the highest variant of e-CS. The instrument cluster has chrome ring based tachometer & speedometer.

2011 Tata Indigo e-CS Price In India, 2011 Tata Indigo e-CS Review And Photos

Door fabrics are good and of good quality. Interior is quite spacious and having large leg space for driver. However, the leg space at the rear seats is not very comfortable. The boot is not that big like any other sedan car but bigger than the hatchback cars.

The car has good width and height. The length is less and feels like slight longer than any small car. It gives good stability due to reasonable amount of width and height. The Styling is good from outside. It looks like a small sedan. The front has powerful headlamps. Side indicators are placed on the ORVMs.

2011 Tata Indigo e-CS Price In India, 2011 Tata Indigo e-CS Review And Photos

Both front and back bumpers are fitted decently. The wheelbase is good and the tyres have good amount of width to hold the grip on the road. Small potholes are not felt at all and bigger one can be taken care easily. So this car
provides a better quality ride.


For the first time in indian car market a sedan is available in cheap price with great fuel efficiency. Great efficiency means lesser hole in your pocket for the running cost. The Price Could be 4.5 to 5.5 lakhs. However, the actual figure will not be 23 kmpl.

This figure has been drawn under ideal condition. We can expect the fuel efficiency around 17 kmpl(average of City and Highway). Tata Motors has a great service network across the country so one should not worry about the servicing of the car. The fuel tank capacity is 42 litres ensuring fewer visits to the petrol pumps. The compact size of this car makes it very easy to park in the city parking areas.

The interior styling is similar to all indica models. So there is a chance to get the feeling that you’re sitting on a indica. There is also not much change in the overall front look of the car. It looks like a better indica only. The petrol engine is not that powerful and feels lack of power at the highways.

2011 Tata Indigo e-CS Price In India, 2011 Tata Indigo e-CS Review And Photos

The maintenance cost of the diesel version is also high and economical to those who travels a lot. The AC is not very powerful and needs time to cool the interior of the car while driving in the bright sunny day at summer season. The suspensions are not very impressive and feels very bad on bad road.

The engine does not give pleasant performance at higher rpm and feels like running out of breath. The diesel engine causes noise, vibration which is very annoying. The gearbox is not very good to provide good experience in shifting the gears.

Overall, we can say it’s a value for money car for all middle class family. The cost of ownership is very low compare to any other sedan.

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