3 Lies that Relationship Experts Tell

3 Lies that Relationship Experts Tell

3 Lies that Relationship Experts Tell - Lies by Relationship Experts - Advice by Relationship Experts - Few Popular Advice by Relatioship Experts | Tips on - Find TipsIt appears everyone seems to have ‘expert’ opinion on relationship to offer to you, whether it is your mother, friend, agony aunt or even your colleague at work. But does this ‘expert’ advice work most of the time? As many psychologists put it, most of these ‘tried and tested’ ways do not actually work! Here is a look at a few of such popular advice.

Never sleep over a fight

This is what your mom has advised you always. Issues should be sorted out before you hit the sack to ensure that there is no ugly residue for the next day.

The Truth:

Though it is a good idea to resolve conflicts but it is impractical to do so before going to sleep. Most of the times sleepy couples do not pay attention to what is being said by their partners. It will just hamper your sleep. Moreover, unless your partner gets to see your displeasure, s/he may not understand the importance. Resolution of conflicts should be done at a more appropriate time.

It is very important to be totally and completely honest

You must have heard most say that the basis of a solid relation is trust and complete honesty. Most books and articles would also advocate the same.

The Truth:

The truth is that white lies are healthier sometimes. When we cannot be honest unwaveringly with anyone, not even with ourselves, it would be unreal to expect this in a relation. A full truth sometimes has more hampering effect than a lie. If your best friend does not like your beau, there is no need in letting him/her on the knowledge. It is better to adapt and adjust and sometimes white lies are a better option.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Did you hear that somewhere? Your best friend or agony aunt must have told you how the lack or loss of something increases the desire for it.

The Truth:

As psychologists put it, though some time apart brings back the yearning, long-distance relationships, for stretched periods of time, can take its toll on the relationship. It might leave you with a deep sense of loneliness that might make you look elsewhere to fill the gap.

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