3 steps to make a better looking face

3 steps to make a better looking face

3 steps to make a better looking face - How to make better looking face - Tips for better looking face » 3 steps to make a better looking faceWe all know that, everybody, be it a man or a woman desires to have look good. The fact is however very simple that face is the mirror of our soul and a better life can be achieved when we are maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is like maintaining a healthy diet, having a regular sound sleep, cutting off stress and definitely having that divine intervention which leads to the maturity of the soul. Doing regular exercises like yoga or hitting the gym burn out extra fats and calories and thus keeps our muscles toned.

Making meals better
Cutting off junk foods is a better step ahead. A good thought process and keeping stress at bay reflects its glory on our face. To look young even after we cross 35 is a tough job to handle. But we can achieve that by doing small things which we can include in our daily routine. Guys who hit the gym daily must take notice to maintain a balanced diet which is high on protein and low on fat, sugar and carbohydrates. Generally they tend to gather packs in the abdominal area which looks odd even if you are handsome. For this you must be having small meals which are low in fat intake and high on protein which will help to burn those calories even when you are not working out. Drink plenty of water that would help to keep your body hydrated. Though a woman finds it hard to look a man beyond his face for the first time she meets him, it’s always a good face that grabs all the attention.

Healthy skins matter
A well looked after skin goes a long way in getting all the attention and so men being lazy bums must get this clearly in their mind. They don’t have to go to the parlor like women who spend long hours there for no reasons. Only daily taking care of one’s skin leads to a good looking and well groomed face which is all set for applause. A good cleaner according to your skin, a daily moisturizer and a sunscreen during the day can well win half the game. You end up looking great at a moment’s notice if you care to follow these little steps daily.

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