6 Facts About Liposuction

6 Facts About Liposuction

6 Facts About Liposuction - Things To Consider Before Having Liposuction » 6 Important Facts About LiposuctionBecause of changing lifestyle many people are facing the problem of obesity which is a result of accumulation of extra layers of fat in various parts of the body. An obese body is prone to many health problems so, people look for various options to lose weight and get a fit body.

Everybody dreams to gain a perfect shape of the body to look as well as feel good. Nowadays various options are available to get rid of fats for example, exercising, dieting and joining gym to following a weight loss program.
An obese person generally tries too hard to lose weight.

One such option which is gaining lot of popularity is going in for liposuction. Liposuction is basically a surgical process of fat loss. It involves cosmetic surgery of removal of fats from the different parts of the body.
Liposuction involves suction of extra layers of fat with the help of a tube like apparatus.

Process of liposuction

Liposuction is generally done to target the fats which are accumulated on the buttocks, thighs, belly, breast and waist. With the advancement in technology nowadays method of liposuction has also developed. Some of the latest liposuction methods are the super wet method, and then there is ultrasound liposuction, and tumescent liposuction.

These surgeries are followed by giving anaesthesia. The important task in liposuction surgery is to separate fats and muscles so that the layer of fats can be removed out of the body. For this purpose saline water is used. In the traditional method of liposuction the amount of saline water injected is less than the amount of fats.

But in tumescent method the saline water is used more. It is nearly 3 to 5 times more than the quantity of fats. Using more saline water helps to easily break up the cells of fats. So, this makes removal of fats easy. In ultrasonic method the fat of the body is first liquefied with the help of ultra sound. The most commonly used method is super wet liposuction surgery which uses same amount of saline water as the quantity of fat which is to be extracted from the body.

Risk involved in liposuction

Liposuction involves injection of saline water; however excess water can affect the body by disturbing its homeostasis. Moreover, if ultrasonic method is adopted then the risk of affecting the skin with necrosis is very common which involves the death of the skin of the body.

Then another problem associated with this type is seromas which involves collecting of the fluid which is yellow in colour in the pockets. Liposuction involves a surgery so body may get prone to various infections and in some cases the infection can be too serious and cause death also.

One of the major risks involved in liposuction is that if the fats which get dislodged during the surgery, it may enter the blood stream causing various health problems. Another major problem with this surgery is that it may cause the risk of affecting the internal organs of the body. So, before actually going in for this particular option one should be aware of the risks involved in it.

Things to consider before surgery

The first thing to be considered before opting for liposuction surgery is age. Liposuction surgery is generally not recommended for individuals who are under 18 years of age. It is very essential that a person who opts for this surgery posses a good health.

It is also very important that a person has elastic skin if he opts for this surgery. A person who has less elastic skin may face many complications after surgery. This surgery is not recommended for persons who are diabetic. Even patients who are taking antibiotics for any reason should not go in for this surgery.

Liposuction should be considered the last weight loss option

Liposuction involves various complications. So, it is wrong to consider it as a first weight loss option. The best, safe and healthy weight loss options are following a good and balanced weight loss diet and combining it with regular exercise.

If these options do not work and your obesity is becoming a very big problem for you then you can opt for this option but it is very essential that you consult a good doctor and take his advice on following the right type of liposuction.
There is no doubt that exercise and following a weight loss diet are difficult options but the fact is that these are best and safest weight loss option which don’t affect your body and helps you to attain a healthy body.

Advantages of liposuction

If the surgery of liposuction is successful on your body then it is very advantageous for gaining a good shape of the body. It involves removal of fats so the effects of this surgery are permanent. A person can lead a better life as this surgery can improve the personality of the person by helping him to get rid of extra layers of fats.

For a very obese person this surgery is like a boon as a very obese person faces many health problems. Generally, exercise and dieting do not show major effects on a person who is over obese. This surgery is very beneficial for such people and the best part is that this surgery shows permanent effects.

Follow the right method

If you have made up a mind to go in for liposuction then it is very essential to opt for the right type of surgery according to your body type. It is better to consult a good surgeon and take his/her advice as he/she can make you more aware of the pros and corns of the particular type of surgery and he/she can guide you best which type is perfect for you.

It is also very essential to do lot of research and talk to the people who have already got this surgery done to have a more clear view and information about the effectiveness and effects of this surgery.

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