6 Quick Tips for Teenagers to Remove Acne

6 Quick Tips for Teenagers to Remove Acne

6 Quick Tips for Teenagers to Remove Acne - Get Rid of Pimples - Home Remedies for Acne - How to Avoid Skin Problems | Tips on - Find TipsAcne or pimple is a problem that every other teenager struggles with. Pimples can easily get the work record when it comes to breaking out at the last moments, whether it’s a party or a date.

There are many and varied products available for the same but nothing work best like home remedies.

Below are some of the quick and easy to remember steps:

1. Avoid the long stresses from falling on the face. Hair is full of dust particles and when they come in contact with the oily skin, they result in pimples. Also, dandruffs are also known to be one of the causes for pimples. So tie the hair, make ponytails or simply put on clips.

2. Do not touch face with hands often. Our palm contains millions of germs acquired throughout the day. These bacteria increase the growth of pimples. This is the reason you will see an acne prone person having more pimples on the left cheek due to the frequent use of palm for resting.

3. Drink enough fluids, especially water. They flush out the system. The more you drink water, the better the chances of your staying away from pimples.4. Wash face thrice a day with an acne cleanser or warm water with scrub. Never use general soaps, they are harsh on the skin as they contain chemicals. Initially, general soaps may help to cleanse the oily skin but it does not help in the long run.

5. Daily take few hours to relax and rejuvenate. When you are worried, anxious or disturbed, the hormones react and as a result more pimples. For instance, students can notice that during exam times, pimple come out more often that other.

6. Never pick on the ripe pimples. Let it dry naturally and go away. If you pick on pimples, it will only spread and leave marks on the skin.

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