7 Exotic Drinks From Around the World

7 Exotic Drinks From Around the World

7 Exotic Drinks From Around the World - How to make exotic drinks - Exotic wine drinks - Types of exotic drinks » 7 Exotic Drinks From Around the WorldWe need to have specific choice of drinks and it is almost impossible to taste a new wine in each party. So it is best to have a detailed idea regarding few exotic drinks. Tastes and preference can vary but it has been found that the following seven types of drinks will be liked by almost all of the guys who like to booze and want to spend the life with a different rhythm.

Arak is a typical Lebanese wine and it is also the national drink of Jordon, Lebanon and Syria. It is a colorless spirit and turns milky white when mixed with water. It is a nice idea to taste Arak along with pita bread, hummus, pickled vegetables, skewered meats etc.Sake is the Japanese wine and comes with a few varieties; the alcoholic content of this type of wine is about 14% to 16%. Along with the Thai dishes this wine can be the ideal choice. Cachaa is a distilled Brazilian spirit exclusive and it is made from fresh sugarcanes. At present it is the national spirit of Brazil. Cachaa has several similarities with rum but has a typical smell of sugar. In Italy, Grappa is quite popular. This unique Italian drink is made from the discarded grape seeds and stalks.

Porto is a famous Portugal sweet wine and it is available in different varieties as per its sweetness. It is Chinese Snake Wine that is available in South –East Asian countries like China, Vietnam etc. Snake wine can be taken at any time but it is advisable to be cautious as this kind of wine can be poisonous and should be taken as per advice of a reputed local bartender of the South eastern Asian countries. Mexican spirits are usually distilled properly; Mezcal is the most popular Mexican wine. The prudent way of having this Mexican wine is with proportional amount of lemon slices and salt.

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