7 Money Saving Beauty Tips

7 Money Saving Beauty Tips

7 Money Saving Beauty Tips - How to Save Money On Beauty - Homemade Skincare Products - How to Make Your Skin Beautiful | Tips on - Find TipsWith the recent credit crunch, all of us have started clutching our purses a little bit tighter, and spending money on beauty can be pretty difficult.

Here are some free tips to save some cash while still maintaining your beauty.

Go for a lip brush

You can apply lipstick with a lip brush instead of direct application. If you apply it directly, you are prone to apply a thicker coat compared to that when you apply it with a lip brush. This way you will save lipstick.

Go for lesser foundation

You do not need to make a mask out of your foundation. Apply a thinner coat. It will only make you look more natural.

Choose water

Instead of spending money on sodas and other drinks, drink water. It will detoxify your body and make your skin beautiful, not to mention that it is free.

Use a homemade conditioner

Do not waste your money on some expensive conditioner for your hair. A tablespoon of cider vinegar and water will make a fine conditioner that you can leave in your hair.

Skip the mascara

You really do not need mascara. All you need is the mascara brush. Even cheap brands offer good enough brushes. So, clean the mascara wand carefully and use it to lengthen your lashes.

Use homemade products for skincare

There is no need to invest in only premium and extremely expensive products for skincare. There are cheaper options available that not only serve the purpose but also are kinder to the wallet.

There are several homemade remedies that you can use for your daily skincare routine. You can actually make use of things from your kitchen that will help you out and prevent you from spending over the top.

You can make your own face cleanser at home. Milk mixed with honey makes some really good cleanser. However, before trying any home remedies, you should check and make sure that you are not allergic to them.

Be a smart shopper

It is not necessary that you always compromise on the brand. If you are really fond of some particular brand, then you can wait for the right deals to come by. A little bit of research and an open eye will get you some of the best deals in market.

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