8 Beauty Trends Of The Season

8 Beauty Trends Of The Season

8 Beauty Trends Of The Season - Make Up And Beauty Trends For Summer & Summer Beauty Trends » Top 8 Beauty Trends For The SeasonWith the hot sun beating down, summer just does not seem to be the perfect season to dress up. After all who wants the make-up to be in shambles by the end of the day? But, if you are following some of the top beauty trends of this season, you would no longer have to worry about the perfect look.

Summer essentially spells out the time for dressing lightly. Flowing, loose and comfortable cotton dresses are the best for this season. To keep it simple, the make-up must not be over the top as well. Tying the hair up and going for a nude look with natural lip colours, a little bit of kajal and eyeliner is just perfect.

Accessories also have to be taken care of. Light bangles or earrings are the best choice for the season. Although, these are just general tips that can be followed, let’s take a look at some of the top beauty trends for the season.

Fabulous hairstyles for the hot summer

Buns have been in fashion for a long time. But, most of us are wary of trying it out. However, the buns are now in vogue and twisting the locks to form a smooth bun just above your neck gives the perfect look. Tuck it up properly with some pins and do not let the hair be messy. This look can be carried off for evening parties as well as for shopping trips.

The best part of the bun is that anybody can carry it off gracefully and it is extremely comfortable. If you are going for a wedding, some artificial or real flowers can also adorn your beautiful bun. The side braid is also a great hairstyle to try out this summer. Celebrities have been often spotted to flaunt the slightly messy side braids. They are perfect for the humid summer and suit anybody with long hair. This hairstyle is again perfect for any occasion.

The season for bright nail colours

Although, summer calls for muted tones for your clothing, it is the time to flaunt your colourful side as well. What best way to do it than playing with bright nail colours. This season, the hot pink, neon, turquoise or orange seems to be ruling.

So, choose nail colours in bright shades and flaunt your nails this season. To add variety to this, you can also go for some nail art as well. Different colours and designs can be assembled on the nail to give a very fashionable look. Getting the nail art done before a party would give you an edge over the others.

Matte lip colour and lip gloss is in fashion

Dark matte lip colours and glossy lips are ruling the party season this summer. While the dress is strictly limited to light colours, the lips are highlighted with bright colours like orange, purple or raspberry. It is not difficult to create such shades at home and you can easily mix and match some of the lipstick at home to make something bright and beautiful.

It is not always necessary to buy a new lip colour or gloss for getting that ultra glam look. If you want the matte look, dab some powder over your matte lip colour and apply once more, the colour would not only look brilliant but it will remain the same for the rest of the evening as well. However, if you do not want to wear such bright colours, restrict yourself to some lip gloss. Even this will work out perfectly.

Matte eyes are ruling the fashion scene

The fashion scene this season is being ruled by the matte eyes. No more smudging and the black smoky eyes, it is all about bright eye shadows with clearly outlined eyes. Colours like pink, green, orange, yellow and neon colours are being used in moderation.

To prevent smudging, this can be coated with some concealer and powder. The eyes need to be prominently displayed with either a clean sweep of the eye liner brush or with some kajal on the lower eye lids. The eye can be further accentuated with some mascara.

Soft and smooth skin

Summer is the time to flaunt your skin. With clothes going up the knee level and sleeves touching the shoulder, you need to keep your skin in the best possible shape. Wax your hands and legs to make them smoother.

Using hair removing creams or shaving can also be tried out. Do not leave your home without applying some sunscreen on the open areas. A light body oil or cream is perfect for keeping your skin smooth, supple and glowing.

Pink cheeks are in demand

Summer trends are never complete without some blush on the cheeks. This season, you can opt for some light pink blusher to highlight your cheekbone. Highlight your complexion with the perfect shade of blusher and complete the ideal look for the summer.

Shades to beat the heat

An important accessory for the summer months is a pair of sunglasses. Nothing can be as useful as the shades. So, get hold of a stylish sunglass for those hot afternoons. The retro-futuristic styles have made an entry to the markets. Check these out, if it matches your style.

Chic sandals

Simple, yet beautiful sandals have also found a way this season. Since summer calls for everything simple and comfortable, fashion houses in different parts of the world have started to design sandals that are in sync with the season.

Stylish crystals and beads have also been added to the sandals to make them even more attractive and eye catching. These can be easily used for your night outs or other occasions.

Thus, this summer there is a lot of colour to experiment with. Whether it is the 70s style bun hairstyles or the bright lip colours, the season is set to bring about the best of beauty trends. And what better way to glam up the hot summer days than experimenting with fashionable hair, nails, lips, eyes and skin.

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