89 Indian Prisoners Set Free By Pakistan

89 Indian Prisoners Set Free By Pakistan

89 Indian Prisoners Set Free By Pakistan - Pakistan Frees 89 Indian PrisonersSince 1947, relations between India and Pakistan have not been good. There are many issues like militancy, Kashmir etc that continuously add fuel to the fire. Many times, when people from both countries cross boundaries inadvertently, they are arrested and have to face difficult times. Apart from land boundaries, maritime boundaries are also crossed very often by people of these two countries.

Though efforts have been made many times to improve the relations, no outcome has been observed yet. Recently, Pakistan set free 89 Indian people on 14th April who crossed maritime boundaries. All these 89 people are fisherman and have been released as a part of the process that has been initiated by India and Pakistan to speed up release of people languishing in jails in both the countries. It is to be noted that India has released 39 Pakistani prisoners on 11th April, 2011. There are cases where people arrested due to illegal crossing of boundaries have not been allowed to go to their native countries for years together. The process that has been started is seen as a measure to improve the relations. But analysts are not sure if real bitterness between two countries can be solved without considering Kashmir and militancy.

89 Indian fishermen that have been released would reach India from the city of Lahore in Pakistan. These people have been taken to Lahore through two buses and at the popular Wagah border, these would be handed over to Indians. This statement was issued by Ghulam Qadir, the superintendent of jail, Malir. It is noteworthy that Pakistan has released these people just two weeks after prime ministers of both the countries met in Mohali in India during the semi-final of cricket world cup.

In that match, India had won. Many politicians and scholars are thinking that there might have been some exchange of words between the premiers of both countries so that this type of step was taken by Pakistan. Also, the home secretaries of India and Pakistan also met in New Delhi last month, when the list of the prisoners in both the countries was exchanged.

All the freed 89 Indian fishermen have also been handed over their personal belongings they were carrying at the time of arrest. These prisoners have also been provided with some money and gifts so that they can complete their journey successfully. These prisoners are expected to cross the border and reach India on 15th April, 2011. All these fishermen were arrested in past two years due to violation of existing maritime agreement between India and Pakistan. This gesture is being seen as a step taken by these countries for normalizing their relations. Earlier, prime minister of India Mr. Manmohan Singh had invited Pakistan prime minister to watch the semi-finals of world cup at Mohali. However, India is still strict on its stand regarding 26/11 Mumbai blasts.

Apart from above, consular access has been provided to 33 another Indian prisoners that are languishing in Malir Jail. These prisoners are likely to be released soon after necessary formalities are completed. This statement has been issued by Chairman of NGO Prisoners Welfare & Legal Aid Committee, Mr. Nasir Zahid.

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