A Girl's Best Friend is Her Mother

A Girl's Best Friend is Her Mother

A GirlWhen you are small it’s your mother who looks after your requirements even without being asked. As you grow up, your mother start taking decisions regarding your school, your preferences in eating, your hunger and your thirst, you’re daily requirements, and all other things which you can’t even think of.

Once you become an adolscent, then you take your mother’s opinion as interference in your matters. You start resenting this idea and build up a small crevice between you and her, leading to cold war between the two of you.

Your mom tries to bridge the gap by asking you time and again, the reason behind your irrational behavior but you are so influenced by your own thoughts that you tend to ignore them altogether.

The moment something happens like you get into some kind of trouble at school or with your friends, then you go running to your mom without realizing that you were having a cold war with her. Do you know the reason behind this behavior?

Well, well, well, this is because your mother is your best friend while you realize this fact or not, is solely up to you. Take steps to get closer to your mom and soon you’ll realize that you will have a world’s best friend at home. You don’t have to search about elsewhere.

Don’t hesitate to start it all over again. Talk openly to your mom. This gives you a leverage of you putting your opinion in front of her and she gets to understand you better. All of this in turn creates a stronger bond between the two of you.

Do you know that bonding with your mother is mostly beneficial to you, only? Your mother’s unconditional love helps you take healthier decisions regarding sex also.

Nurture your friendship?

Ask your mother to go shopping with you.

Hold a secret lunch, just you and your mom.

Discuss her old times over a hot cup of coffee.

Show appreciation by helping her on weekends or however you feel appropriate.

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