A Healthy Heart

A Healthy Heart

A Healthy Heart - Low Fat Diets - Heart Treatment - Exercise and Heart Disease » What to do for a healthy heartHere are some tips for having a healthy heart-just read them out!

Eat right:
Feed yourself with low –fat diet. Make sure you stay away from fried foodstuffs, rich deserts and chocolate candies for keeping your heart in healthy condition. Remember that fatty foodstuffs can lead to clogged arteries, so make sure you keep a perfect balanced between varieties of foodstuffs.

Feel fit and feel fine:
Do you know to keep your heart working in proper condition, you really don’t have to indulge yourself in vigorous exercising or spend hours in your fitness center. Just a simple brisk walk can do all the favors for you, or you can also get into jogging or running. But if you are a heart patient, then before starting up any exercising make sure you consult your healthcare expert regarding the same.

Lose those extra kilos;
Do you know that obesity is a silent killer? It increases your chances of heat ailments by leaps and bounds? So the key point is -shed that extra flab ASAP.

Check your cholesterol:
Keep a tab on your cholesterol levels. For this – get a test done pronto. This will help you to know the amount of good and bad cholesterol in you. If your cholesterol is high, make sure you consult your doctor and incorporate the diet changes and exercises with medicines that your doctor prescribes you for keeping the cholesterol level in balanced state.

Keep yourself away from stress:
Do you know that stress increases the risks of coronary diseases and high BP and lowers immunity? So make sure you keep your stress levels on low note. Spa treatment reduces your stress by treating your body, mind and soul, so once in a month take a visit to a spa center and rejuvenate yourself.

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