A middle-aged man suffering

A middle-aged man suffering

A middle-aged man suffering - Innocence and Suffering in the Middle Ages - Middle-aged women still suffering - The Revolt of the Middle-Aged Man » Is your man suffering from his middle age? Read on!Undoubtedly life in middle age is a challenge for male species. It is a phase of realization to them that their youth period has gone now, giving them jittery feelings indeed. In this period, a man goes through a lot of behavioral changes; it can really be a time of great anguish, despair, inadequacy, and feeling of guilt for him.

In this period, the hormones of your man starts fluctuating, thus it becomes all more important for him to pay attention to them. He starts paying extra attention to his appearance, goes on a diet and gyms for a fit body and may buy expensive creams for keeping his skin tight, wrinkle free and glowing. As society put particularly high value on youth, your alpha male feel more challenged about these stuffs.

This phase is a bit of a shocker for him and he doesn’t like what he sees often. It is a phase of recharging their batteries and body cells that have taken much knocks from stressful and hard core life. He needs all new changes in his life, say, a new car, a new home, a refreshing tour to rejuvenate himself, a new career, new hobbies and much more. Remember Hollywood actor Richard Gere in shall we dance where he joins the dance classes when he got fed up with his not so happening life. Not only this, your man also wants to redefine his sex life too. he want an active sex life , attract other ladies and go on flirting with them because they want to prove that age can’t stop them from having a good sex and flirting around. They may even want escape into fantasy world with another woman or life with fewer responsibilities.

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