A Trip to Rome

A Trip to Rome

A Trip to Rome - How to reach Rome - Shopping Centres in Rome - Architectural Wonders in Rome | Tips on - Find TipsRome also known as “eternal city” is one of the best cities to visit in the world. Rome is popular for many things. It’s also famous for Seven hills, it’s also known as the Vatican city. The historic center of Rome is a world heritage site. Rome is situated on the Tiber river. Tiber river is situated between the Apennine mountains and the Tyrrhenian sea. Rome at present has a population of over 3 millions.

Rome is a beautiful city and there are a number of structures which attract a tourist. Rome is full of museums, churches and shopping centres.

A tourist can visit the Colosseum which is a wonderful structure.The Pantheon is another architectural wonder. Roman Forum used to be a sit of government in the ancient times. Rome has a number of museums also which has preserved the rich past of Rome. The museum is one example, The Pallezo and the Galleria are the other museums.

A traveller also marvels at the magnificent churches in Rome. St. Pietro is the church where the Pope resides. It is one of the finest churches in the world. Strict dress code must be adhered to otherwise you will not be allowed to enter inside this church.

Rome is also a shopper’s paradise- Via Del Corso and Via Condotti are popular shopping areas. You can buy designer clothes and bags from these markets.

Mode of travelling inside Rome- You should avoid taxis as they are very expensive, the best way to travel inside Rome is to travel by bus. A full days ticket or even a week’s ticket is available. You can also hire a scooter for a day which is not so expensive. Tram and Metro are also available but they have restricted service.

How to reach Rome- Flights are available from all the major cities of the world. Rome has two international airport, Leonardo Da Vinci and Ciampino airport.

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