A Trip to Spa

A Trip to Spa

A Trip to Spa - Attractions of Spa - Les Thermes de Spa - Tancremont | Tips on - Find TipsWe have often visited spas to pamper ourselves, but not all of us know that the popular spa treatments originated in the beautiful Belgium town of Spa. Since the Roman times, this lovely town was noted for its baths. The rich and the famous of Europe have been frequenting the region since the 16th century to refresh themselves in the water of the springs of Spa, which are believed to have therapeutic value.

Located 35km south of Leige, Spa is situated in the picturesque valley of Wayai on the slopes of the northern Ardennes. The alkaline water of the two springs in the interior of the town and seven other springs in the outskirts of Spa contain iron and provide relief from stomach ailments, circulatory diseases and rheumatism.

Attractions of Spa

Les Thermes de Spa

The health resort of Spa is located on top of the Belgium Ardennes. There are facilities for providing myriads of treatments in the outdoor and indoor pools fitted with massage jets and bubble seats. You can rejuvenate yourself in the sauna, steam rooms and the cold and hot whirlpools of the resort. Towels, robes and slippers could be hired at the resort. There is also café that would help you to have refreshing drinks and healthy snacks.

After relaxing in the spa, you can visit some of the architectural attractions of the town.


This is one of the few surviving examples of early Romanesque architecture. The wooden sculptures and the 10th century polychrome statue of Christ on the cross are popular attractions of this chapel.

Musee des Beaux – Arts et de la Ceramique

This 17th century building is the famous ceramic museum of Spa. The ground floor of the museum has a beautiful collection of European porcelain and faience objects. The first floor of the museum has collection of works by renowned painters, including Cornelis de Vos, Frans Synders, Guido Reni and Peter Pourbus. In the basement of the museum, you will find beautiful sculptures.

Museum of Archaeology and Folklore

Among the old residential building of Spa, built between the 16th and 18th century you will find this museum displaying the archaeological relics of the region. Other attractions of this museum include the Dutch-styled Grand Salon and the Grand Salon Louis XIII. This museum has the largest collection of laces from all over Belgium.

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