A Visit to Amsterdam

A Visit to Amsterdam

A Visit to Amsterdam - Trip to Amsterdam - What to See in Amsterdam - Places of Attraction in Amsterdam | Tips on - Find TipsKnown among the most visited tourist destinations in the world, Amsterdam is the city of Old World charm. Also Amsterdam is the second most popular business city of the world after New York. Many historical sites adorn the cityscape. Besides, Amsterdam is known for its rich museums, stunning art galleries, thrilling nightlife, memorable shopping experience and a unique charm to explore its ancient bridges. Visitors get enthralled by site of its cobbled streets, gabled houses and the souvenir boutiques. You can enjoy the city with interesting circular canal-boat cruise. Capital city of Netherlands, Amsterdam got its name after dam on the river Amstel. As large number of canals cross the cityscape, Amsterdam is known as the “Venice of the North”.

What to See in Amsterdam:

Amsterdam has lot to see and lots to do. You can just sit on any roadside café or take a stroll along the canal street and watch the pace of the city. Take a trip on a boat cruise to old city centre which is formed by canal rings. You will love the carefree spirit and the tranquil charm prevailing in the city.

Other places of attraction in Amsterdam which deserve a visit are as following:


Visited by millions of visitors annually, this is the largest museum of Netherlands. Works of renowned artists such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Hals are housed here.

Van Gogh Museum:

Dedicated to the world renowned painter Von Gogh, this museum showcases large number of paintings and sketches by Van Gogh. Large number of letters by Van Gogh is also displayed here.

Anne Frank House:

This is the place where Anne Frank spent two years with her family in hiding. That house is converted into a museum for preserving memoirs on Anne Frank.


Most famous church of Netherlands

Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art:

This museum displays the modern art collection from second half of the 20th century.

Rembrandt House:

Displays great work of art from famous painter Rembrandt.

Oude Kerk:

This is the medieval era protestant church.

Magere Brug:

This is the old double-leaf bridge connecting the both sides of eth river Amstel. It opens every 20 minutes to let the boats pass through. The sight is mesmerizing.

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