Aam ki Chutney

Aam ki Chutney

Aam ki Chutney - Amrood Ki Chutney Recipe - Cauliflower Chutney Recipe - Mixed Vegetable Chutney » Mouth-watering chutneysKacche aam ki chutney

500 gm kachha aam, 1/ 2 bunch of mint leaves, salt, jeera, saunf, dry coriander powder, hing as per taste

Peel off the kachha aam and de-seed them.
Wash the mint leaves and make a nice paste of them in blender after adding all the other ingredients to it.
Your aam ki chutney is ready to eat.

Amrood ki chutney

250 gm amrood, 25 gm ginger, coriander leaves if needed, 2 green chilies, 25 mint leaves, salt to taste

Wash and chop coriander leaves, green chilies, mint leaves and ginger.
pour all of them along with amrood pieces in a blender and blend well to make a nice paste. Add salt, and pepper to it. Your chutney is ready.

Cauliflower chutney
1 kg cauliflower, 50 gm anaar dana powder, 100 gm salt, 50 gm garam masala, 500 gm vinegar, 100 gm chopped onion

Chop the cauliflower into small pieces.
Mash them nicely to make a nice pulp and then add vinegar to it along with other seasonings. Pour them into closed container and keep it aside for 3 days.

Heat the same mixture on low flame after 3 days. Keep stirring it. When the chutney becomes tick, transfer it into a serving bowl.

Mixed vegetable chutney

100 gm brinjal, 100 gm potatoes, 100 gm radish, 30 gm turmeric powder, 50 gm tamarind, 2 cups water, 75 gm peanut oil, 40 gm mustard seeds, 100 gm sugar, 8 red chilies, salt to taste

Chop all the vegetables into small pieces.
Soak the tamarind in water and take out its pulp.

Heat oil in a pan and sauté mustard seeds and red chilies in it. Pour all the vegetables in it and sauté well. Add salt, turmeric powder, tamarind water and sugar, mix well.

Cook on high flame for 15-20 minutes.
When the mixture gets cool down, transfer it into a clean bottle and seal it. Your mixed vegetable chutney is ready.

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