Abdominoplasty Surgery

Abdominoplasty Surgery

Abdominoplasty Surgery - Weight Loss Surgery - Weight Loss Stomach Surgery - Rigorous Exercise » Weight Loss SurgeryIn today’s busy modern world, many people simply do not have time for exercise. Nor do their schedules allow for the preparation of the detailed meals that keep them healthy.Â

To combat the problem of the expanding waistline that often comes with this lifestyle, many people are turning to tummy tucks or abdominoplasty to regain the trim, sexy look that makes them feel young.

While abdominoplasty is a very popular surgery, there are some things that patients need to be aware of in order to insure that the healing process stays on track.

Coping with Pain and Incisions

How much pain can you expect? It differs for everyone. Tingling and a bit of numbness is perfectly normal. Some people feel nothing. The surgeon will make several small cuts or incisions in the stomach area. These cuts will heal, usually within three month’s time.

The minor pain and swelling will subside, but the red and angry look may last for a while. Regardless of how skilled your surgeon is, there will be some scarring following the surgery.

One mark of a skilled surgeon is the ability to place the pending scar in an area that will not be easily noticed. Limiting the length of the scar is also a sign of a professional.

As time goes on, the scarring will reduce. The pain should also subside. You should see a doctor if your pain becomes worse instead of easing throughout the healing process.

If the pain seems excessive to you, or if the incisions experience a sudden or dramatic change in color, you could be experiencing complications. The reduction in scarring and the change in color should all change throughout the healing process, but your surgeon should examine any abrupt changes.
A slight rash is one other thing to look for. A bit of irritation is normal, but a severe rash, coupled with redness and itching, could be a sign of a problem. You could be allergic to the lotions, gauze or sutures that your surgeon has chosen and your incisions should be reexamined to insure that nothing is wrong.

Faster Healing

There are many simple things that abdominoplasty patients can do to speed and improve the healing process. First of all, do not smoke if you can help it. Chemicals associated with smoking interfere with the healing process and can lead to more prominent scarring.

Rigorous exercise can also irritate your incisions and create a feeling of soreness. Like smoking, this should be avoided. Try not to lie on your incisions and always follow your doctor’s recommendations for cleaning and moisturizing.

Abdominoplasty can be a great tool for helping people obtain and maintain the shape they always wanted. It is a simple surgery that offers a very uncomplicated recovery if people follow a few simple rules.

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