Activities you can do with your Kid

Activities you can do with your Kid

Activities you can do with your Kid - Tips to Teach your Kid at Home - How to Teach my Kid Common Concepts | Tips on - Find TipsYou can teach a lot of things to your kid in the home itself. Apart from what they learn from school. If the kid is too small to go to school, then also these activities will help your kids understand a lot of concepts.
To teach numbers tell them to match the objects which have the same numbers. If you can teach mazes it is really good. You can teach relationships, a key with a lock, a wheel with a car, a cup with a saucer, a flower with a leaf etc….

You can teach them the concept of up and down. You can teach the concept of in and out. You can ask them which is fat and which is thin. Big and small can be another concept. Patters can be taught to kids. Sequences can also be taught to kids- what comes after what.

Matching the same objects can be another concept. While counting, you can ask the kid to circle the correct number of vegetables or fruits etc… Count and tell can be another interesting activity. Make sure they know from 1 to 10 and counting from 1 to 10.

Some other activities could be matching the crayon to the color. Make a face by joining the dotted lines. Other activities to teach the colors could be- what is the color of the apple? Circle and name the red objects.

Teach them the concept of day and night, before and after, hot and cold, Circle the correct object. Give an ear and give 3 choices ice-cream, picture and tape recorder. The kid has to circle tape recorder. The kid should understand that you hear from your ear. You smell from your nose, you taste from your tongue, you see from your eyes, you feel from your skin, you work with your hands; you walk with your legs etc…

You can tell them to circle the odd one out. A toaster, a stove, cylinder and a TV. The kid has to recognize that all the other things are kept in kitchen only TV will be in the living.

Teach them the fastest means of transport, a boat goes on water, a car goes on road, an aero plane goes in air, an engine goes on the track and other GK answers. Some very brilliant kids tell the capitals of all the countries and cities. This is very rear but extremely good if they know it.

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