addicted to shopping

addicted to shopping

addicted to shopping - Shopping addiction - Seven signs you’re addicted to shopping - Men as Addicted to Shopping as Women » Why women are addicted to shoppingWomen prefer to go for shopping and it is considered as the most common hobby of them. A survey concludes that around trillions of dollars are expended by women in shopping every year. Women are the rulers of shopping complex and men only the persons who accompany them.

One psychological survey states that the shopping for women is a good option for stress buster. The varieties of clothes, shoes, cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry etc are the common things that are shopped by women in number. However, there are several other house hold things, furniture, gadgets and electronic appliances etc that are purchased by them but rarely. Because of the growth of beauty industry, varieties of novel cosmetics are available in stores. Most of the women are crazy to purchase these cosmetics and thus shop several cosmetics in large numbers.

In order to catch the attention of women, top brands introduce several Sales and special offers in order to have more and more crowd of women for selling their products. They offer very lucrative offers, that make women encouraged and persuaded to buy their products.

So, if you really want to know the mystery behind such craziness of women for shopping, here is a brief explanation.

Actually, it is related with the human behavior for learning and following their ancestors. In past, men were only entrusted with the task of hunting and bringing food for the family. Thus they focused only on their target of hunting and after accomplishing their targets return to home. The same thing is following by the men of today. They only buy for their requirements and then instead of spending more time in unnecessary shopping, like to come back immediately.

However, women in early stage of the evolution, search for food and other items in groups without any specific item in their mind. They like to explore something good and new for their family to eat as well as to decorate their home and themselves. So because of that habit the present generation of women is also following their ancestors and therefore spending their time in shopping new things for family and home.

Second most important fact about the lot of shopping by the women is, they do not shop only for themselves. Women think about each and every person of family and thus shop as per their choice and requirements of everyone. In addition, the whole load of housekeeping is on the shoulders of women, so they have to keep eye on all the other house hold necessities. Generally, men are busy in their work and business; therefore they have no time for such things. As the budget is an important issue to keep in mind while shopping, women shop wisely and thus choose something good with quality as per their budget. Thus as it is not an easy task to do, therefore it consumes most of the time of women while shopping.

In addition, women are very choosy and specific for their choices, this also make them shop more. Hence, from the above facts and statements you can now conclude easily that why women are addicted to shopping?

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