Advice To Always Smell Fresh

Advice To Always Smell Fresh

Advice To Always Smell Fresh - How To Smell Fresh All Day - Great Grooming For Guys » Advice To Always Smell FreshIf you want to be the guy around town then you better learn all the tricks of the trade of keeping your self all clean and well groomed. It is imperative that you not only learn these very fundamental rules, but more importantly put them to full use on a regular basis. If you fail to do so then sadly you will not be climbing any corporate ladder of success. The only ladder you will climb is the one that takes you to your room. These rather strong words come as studies show that men as compared to women are not giving enough attention to the fundamentals of hygiene.

It has been observed that in the case of men even the ultra modern and high fashioned guy from around the block is in fact a disaster when it comes to high fives of staying clean. It’s a ‘guy’ thing, is the general answer. Men feed of from other men’s behavior, so if the next door guy is slopping it down his sweat shirt then so be it. It gives me license to do it my self. Men it seems do not even feel the need to maintain every day oral hygiene if the day is a holiday. These are the small and very simple things that men tend to neglect making them less welcome into the presence of others. Others feel ill at ease as their friend does not smell good.

We all sweat, some more than others, but we all do sweat. Given the many toxins that we intake by way if food, smoking, drinking alcohol, fumes off cars, you name it, we are constantly inhaling and some times eating toxic stuff. When we sweat, the body excretes some of these toxic out (In fact, a good sweat is a great way to keep the skin good and healthy as the pores of the skin keep getting clean).

These toxic if not washed daily will and do become rather nasty in smell. This is why you will find some people always seem to have an odor to their bodies. When the odor is not offensive, but still noticeable, this is bad enough. But you will find some people who have in fact a sour body odor.

It is strange to talk of some thing as simple as taking a bath. But it is necessary if one wishes to be welcomed into society daily, as well as happily.

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