After Delivery

After Delivery

After Delivery - What to Do After Delivery - What Are the Ways to Increase Your Milk - What to Feed The Kid | Tips on - Find TipsAfter delivery you are told to give milk to the kid, the first three days of feeding your milk is very important for the kid, because your milk will have a lot of medicinal value in it.

You have to feed the kid at least for a year. Nothing equals mother’s milk. If you are not able to give milk for whatever reason, then packet milk powder is available as a substitute.

Before you switch over to powder milk, it is always suggested to meet a doctor and take his advice on this. If you have decided to give powder milk, because you feel your milk is not good enough, then your doctor will suggest you ways by which you can increase your milk.

There are some home-remedies also for increasing this milk. But discuss everything with your doctor before you use it.

If you are giving your kid the milk powder be very careful. Sterilize the bottle every time you use the bottle. Mix the right quantity of powder with water. Use it only for one time and through the left over milk. Don’t reuse it.

Be ready with the cradle, baby room, dresses, booties, toys etc for your kid. After she/he grows up a bit if you have started giving child food or cerelac it is extremely good. With this you can give ragi powder mixed with ghee. This gives a lot of energy to the kids. Don’t stop giving cows milk to the kids. They need milk throughout their lives.

When you start giving baby food from packed items, please make sure you have read and understood all the instructions properly. Don’t miss out anything. Follow every step of it. Check for the expiry date. If it is nearing the expiry date also, please don’t buy it. It will surely affect the kid.

Giving mashed vegetables and fruits along with fruit juices is also suggested by the doctors. To make these soft, you can peel, cook and mash it in a masher or mixer and give it in small quantities. Giving carrot and spinach for the kid is very important.

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