Age Difference in Married Couples

Age Difference in Married Couples

Age Difference in Married Couples - Age Differences at Marriage | Tips on - Find TipsThe custom of marriage wherein the wife is chosen to be younger in age at the time in marriage has been prevalent in almost most of the societies around the world; the difference being in the extremities with which it was carried out.

Much of our preceding generations were victims of such a structure. Sometimes the age difference was of 20 or more years. It surely had its advantages and disadvantages. Let us see what they were and do such things are relevant even today.

Firstly, there may not be the ‘breaking of ice’ as we know. There is the ‘don’t forget I am your husband attitude’ he displays. The husband feels too old to mix freely with the wife and she being so young and vibrant with energy feels left out. The husband behaves so because he has already been through that ‘stage’ and does not feel the need to do so again. This gives a negative impact on the relation.

Secondly, the husband may try to dominate her. In the beginning, she may accept it for the sake of pleasing him but with time it will stifle her. She would want to go out for parties, candle light dinners, shopping etc and would want him to accompany her, but he will refuse saying he is too old for all these. This is like adding fuel to the fire for more displeasure. Her dream world is shattered slowly.

Thirdly, her actions and behaviour may seem childish to him due to the age difference. He will take the credit of pulling her out of difficult and unpleasant situations.

Fourthly, a positive thing amongst the negative aspects is that he may instead turn affectionate and loving towards her. He may take interest in her and make her completely his own. The man being elder thinks that he can be a better guide to her. He listens to her and tries to understand her. He will fully spoil her and give in to her whims and fancies.

Apart from the positives and negatives, it is still better to marry someone of the same age because then you grow together and have more chances of developing a better understanding.

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