Aggression in Toddlers

Aggression in Toddlers

Aggression in Toddlers - Ways to Prevent Aggression in Toddlers - Causes of Aggression » Aggression in ToddlersAre you tensed by the sudden change in your toddler’s behavior which is generally characterized by anger and aggression? Did you know that toddlers form the most aggressive age group in human species and this is not a psychological or pathological phenomenon. Since toddlers do not possess words to speak, they find aggression as an effective medium to express their feelings. In addition, other factors like frustration and boredom can also lead to this sort of behavior. The key to controlling aggression in toddlers lies in first understanding the cause of aggression and then eliminating the cause itself to ensure a healthy development of your child.

The next time you find your child screaming, hitting, yelling or throwing things, try controlling this behavior so as to ensure that this temporary problem does not become a part and parcel of your child’s growth and future. The major reason of aggression in toddlers is due to the lack of expressing power. This can be treated by your understanding of the child so that you can comprehend his feelings and thus cater to his needs and desires. This in turn would also help in his healthy development without hampering his psychological or emotional self as he would always have an assurance that he is being understood and cared for. Many kids get aggressive due to frustration or boredom. Since children are active and fidgety by nature, you should ensure that you keep them busy through some creative activities which along with helping in his intellectual development, would also aid in controlling aggression in the child. Some children are naturally hyperactive and hypersensitive leading to the development of anger and aggression in them. These children need to be tactfully dealt through tools of love, care and healthy parenting in which parents need to teach the child to effectively manage his anger and emotions. Apart from these, one should ensure that the child is provided with a healthy environment at home to prevent the problem of aggression which can turn into a major problem in future if not dealt properly in the early years.

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