Aiming Games in a Party

Aiming Games in a Party

Aiming Games in a Party - Different Types of Aiming Games - Aiming Games for Kids - Tips to Enjoy Aiming Games | Tips on - Find TipsGame is something which excites everybody. No games means, no fun in the party. Kids like aiming games a lot. So here are some of the party aiming games you can opt for.

The ball and the bucket
Have a bucket or a tub placed at a distance. Give a starting line where the kids should stand and throw the ball. Make all the kids stand height wise. Then tell them to put the ball in the bucket. Give three chances. Whoever gets the ball to the bucket, the maximum number of times wins.

Have a target. Have a gun with artificial bullets which are absolutely not sharp and harmless. Make the children to stand at a distance and aim at it. Whoever gets perfectly onto the target, wins.

Balloon aiming
Fix a lot of balloons on a Board. Fill artificial and harmless bullets in a gun. Allow the kids to aim at any of these balloons. Give three chances. Whoever hits the maximum number of balloons wins.

Aiming at the Lemon
Keep a lemon on top of a plastic container or a plastic bottle. Place a Lemon on top of it. Make the kids stand at a distance and allow them to aim at the lemon.

Note: use only plastic and not glass. There are all chances that the bottle or container will fall. Use only artificial bullets.

Teddy bear aiming
Create a teddy bear with a card board. Cut the teddy bears mouth, so that its mouth is wide open. Allow the kids to stand at a distance and aim at the teddy bears mouth.

Elephant tail or fish tail aiming
Draw a big elephant on a cardboard and color it. Make a lot of tails with sheets, which sticks. Give all the kids a tail each. Blindfold the kids and tell them to place the tail at the right position.

Chocolate Game
Fill a Box with chocolates of different kinds. Tie it high up in air. Give the kids a stick to hit it. Blindfold the kids. They should hit at the right way so that the cardboard box opens and the chocolates fall down. This game is something which everybody will like. The kids can collect as many chocolates as they want. The person who broke the cardboard box gets a special prize.
Note: when one kid is trying to hit the cardboard, make sure none of the other kids are around, since the kid unknowingly may hit the other person, as they are blindfolded.

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