Air Force Selection Process

Air Force Selection Process

Air Force Selection Process - Joining Air Force - Air Force Selection process - Admission in Air Force | Tips on - Find TipsThe process of selection to air force can be broadly divided into 4 categories. Scanning the application forms, testing officers depending on various criteria’s, medical exam, preparing the merit list etc..

Scanning the application forms
If you satisfy all the necessary eligibility criteria for the post, then only your application is accepted. Or else at the first stage of scanning itself your application is rejected and you do not receive a call letter in this case.

Generally as soon as you receive the call letter, for men, they have to clear two exams. One is the UPSC exam and the other one is the PABT exam. Generally for women the UPSC exam is not conducted they can directly write the PABT- it’s a written exam to know your hold on the subject, after which they have to give two machine tests, to check their co-ordination and psychomotor skills.

If you have applied for ground duty test, you have to undergo intelligence rating test and if you have applied for technical branch, you have to undergo Engineering knowledge test.

Testing officers for qualities
Here the persons have to undergo various tests like psychological test; group test etc. psychological tests are conducted by psychologists.

Depending on your performance in each of these tests, you will be promoted to the next level or sent home immediately.

Medical examination
You will have to undergo a through medical test before you get the job. If you get through this and you have good merit, you are nearing your goal.

Depending upon the merit given by the psychological officer, ground testing officer and interviewing officer your merit will be decided.

Finally the merit list will be out, depending upon your performance in various tests and medical exams and depending upon the vacancies available, you are taken in.

All the best for your exams.

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