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Air Force

Air Force - Joining Air Force - How to Join Air Force - Selection in Air Force | Tips on - Find TipsBeing in air force is a very dignified thing to happen in life. People look up to you with a lot of respect and you are paid heavily for being there.

Getting selected in armed forces is not at all an easy job. You have a series of written test, then medical examination, personal interviews etc. To get into armed forces, it is very much necessary that you are mentally and physically fit. If you have a good height then it is an added advantage. If you have been a member of NCC and other courses in college, then it would have given a lot of strength and stamina to face the fitness checks.

You get a lot of facilities along with your salary if you are selected in armed force, free stay- huge houses, free maid facilities-servant quarters, canteen facilities, and access to a lot more things. You will lead a very luxurious life which is given free of cost or you get it by paying least cost to the government.

Not to forget, this is the right place to be, if you want to show that you are a patriot. Air force has a flying branch and also a non- flying branch. People in the flying branch fly aero planes where as the people in non-flying branch involve themselves in other activities of the air force.

There will always be a civilian group who are more into accounts, administration etc. This group is called as defense accounts, while the others are commissioned officers.

You can join air force as an airmen or an officer, the minimum qualification necessary is 10+2, a degree, an engineering degree, for different branches. For airmen, the minimum qualification is 10th pass.

As soon as you here the name of air force you assume that it is only men who can join this. Sorry, even women can join air force for short service commission. Women will be taken only as officers in air force.

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