Aishwarya Rai On Vogue Cover

Aishwarya Rai On Vogue Cover

Aishwarya Rai On Vogue Cover - Aishwarya rai vogue photo shoot - Stunning aishwarya rai on vogue - Aishwarya rai graces vogue india » Aishwarya Rai On Vogue CoverGreen-eyed beauty queen and former Miss World, the ethereally lovely Bollywood actress, Aishwarya Rai, and Abhishek Bachchan’s wife is all set to grace the cover of Vogue India soon.

Earlier choices for the prestigious glamour magazine’s cover include beautiful and talented colleagues from the film and fashion world like Preity Zinta, Bipasha Basu, Priyanka Chopra and the newest heart-throb of millions of men – the luscious and lovely, Deepika Padukone, to name a few.

Recently, rival Ameesha (who has incidentally dropped the ‘Patel’ tag from her name) was also covered by Vogue as the Runaway Bride and won rave reviews for her revamped and svelte new look, sporting romantic, glitzy and ornate jewellery and period costumes (along with designer luggage ensembles) for the photo-shoot.

With all eyes on Aishwarya, who is rumoured to be sporting an au naturelle look for the Vogue cover (minus make-up or any heavy jewellery) and having lost the chubby post-wedding feasting look that made her blimp up when attending the Cannes Film Festival earlier, the photo shoot to be done by top India fashion photographer, Farrokh Chothia is slated to be a gorgeously presented one – in Ash’s slim and trim avatar!

For her fans, the October issue of Vogue India, which has been rightly tagged as their Glamour Special – thanks to Aishwarya upping it considerably with her flawless profile, is a must buy. The photo sessions for Aishwarya’s all natural look were carried out at an exclusive London venue, where the Queen Bee of the Hindi film industry had been putting up for the last segment of the tour titled ‘Unforgettable’ (arranged by father-in-law, Amitabh Bachchan).

Denise Rabor, world famous make-up artist did some basic touch-ups for Aishwarya while hairstylist Josh Wood couldn’t stop gushing over her beauty.

Getting Aishwarya to do the Vogue cover was the magazine’s fashion director, Anaita Shroff Adajania’s heartfelt desire; the lady had previously styled the glam goddess and brand ambassador for Nakshatra diamond jewellery in films like Dhoom 2 and has many other film credits under her belt, like costume styling for Being Cyrus, Kal Ho Na Ho, Drona and upcoming films like Billo Barber.

On her part, Aishwarya revealed, “Doing the Vogue India cover was a promise I made to Anaita (Shroff Adajania) right from the time she joined the Vogue. Anaita was having a baby and she wanted me to do it before she delivers.” A woman of her word – and a world beauty queen to boot, that’s Aishwarya for you!

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