Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol Abuse - Common Medical Complications of Alcohol - Ill Effects of Alcohol | Tips on - Find Tips“I have come to the conclusion that until I find and heal the fears in me that I do not know about, and those that I do know about, I will not be able to contribute much that will not be part of the many challenges we face – such as brutality, poverty, drug abuse, child abuse, abuse of the environment, and abuse of women, to name a few. “It’s a drug quote, not too famous,i just read in newspaper and thought of writing an article on drug abuse.

Small children disturbs your sleep and big children, if indulge
in alcohol, drugs, smoking disturbs whole of your life. Some of the
common medical complications of alcohol are:-

1) Alcohol if taken in large amount results in alcohol poisoning which
can damage brain cells. Severe alcohol poisoning can cause
irreversible brain damage.

2) Alcoholic person does not bother about his diet which can cause
deficiency of essential nutrients.

3) If pregnant women consumes alcohol, it can cause abnormalities in new

4) In males, alcohol results in impotency if taken for longer periods.

5) Alcohol gives rise to heart problems like sudden strokes, hypertension
and heart failure.

6) Alcoholic person suffers from indigestion, acidity and sometimes even
cause swelling in stomach.

7) Alcohol causes weakening of liver functions.

Alcohol Abuse - Common Medical Complications of Alcohol - Ill Effects of Alcohol | Tips on - Find Tips Too much drinking results in road accidents because slowly it
decreases the alertness and brain activity.

9) Hangover results in vomiting and sometimes severe vomiting causes

10) Alcohol can cause oral diseases like oral cancer, leukoplakia in
which patient finds difficulty in swallowing.

Besides, all these complications alcoholic person suffers from society
negligence. At office, because of low productivity results in emotional
and mental hazards. At home, arguments with spouse ,kids causes
disturbances in family relationships.

There are only ill effects of alcohol. Nothing is good about it. So if
you find any nearby person suffering from drug abuse try to motivate him
to stop this habit and if possible help him to get rid of it.

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