Alcohol And Body Building

Alcohol And Body Building

Alcohol And Body Building - Effects Of Alcohol On Muscle Building » Alcohol And Muscle BuildingMost men into muscle building would wonder how their alcohol consumption will interfere with their muscle-building program or if it affects their muscle building at all. The answer to this question is a solid yes. Alcohol consumption does affect muscle development and in an adverse way too.

It would pay great dividends to understand how alcohol interferes with the muscle building process, as consuming alcohol is something some men cannot forego. Most men will rather keep to a strict diet, perhaps indulging a bit on weekends, but the alcohol is something they cannot keep away from.

Alcohol Affects Growth Hormones!

Alcohol affects the production of growth hormones in the system in a bad way! These hormones play a very important part in the process of muscle building by stimulating the development of muscle and bone cell production and development. The lack of this hormone will stunt the growth of muscle and bone and so you will not get the desired results no matter how much you exercise. Alcohol consumption will inhibit the secretion of these important hormones in turn stopping or slowing down your muscle growth.

Scientists believe that these growth hormones are secreted during the early hours of the night and consumption of alcohol disrupts sleep thus causing a hindrance to the secretion of growth hormones. The decrease in secretion of hormones due to inadequate sleep could be as high as 70 percent.

Alcohol And Testosterone

Alcohol also adversely affects the creation of testosterone, a hormone that is directly associated with muscle growth. Alcohol consumption leads to the creation of a toxic substance in the liver and this in turn hampers the production of testosterone in turn reducing muscle growth.

Now we are not saying that you must keep away from alcohol completely, just make sure that you drink in moderation and not overdo it. Moderation described would mean having two small drinks in a week (for some men this is also a bit too much) different constitutions react differently to different amounts of alcohol. Also one must remember that alcohol, in any form is fattening. So that in itself is a warning if you want to take a swig or two while on a muscle building routine.

In the ultimate analysis, yes, alcohol does adversely affect muscle growth, so try to abstain as mush as you can.

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