Alcohol Slows Fat loss

Alcohol Slows Fat loss

Alcohol Slows Fat loss - Can alcohol make you fat - Alcohol and fat loss - Alcohol and its effects on fat loss » Alcohol Slows Fat lossIf you are into a fat loss program and you cannot do without that daily tot it is high time you at down to consider what it is you want more. Because your daily drink is definitely going to hinder your weight loss to a greater extent than the experts will have you know. Remember the longer it takes you to lose weight the more they earn!

The fact of the matter is that medical sciences will have us believe that the liver is not capable of metabolizing fat and alcohol simultaneously. The liver takes things a step at a time in a systematic order. It is designed to rid the system of toxic substances first then metabolize fat. So if you are consuming alcohol daily the liver is going to dedicatedly get rid of the spirits first and then the fat. And there is a limited time for the liver to work each day. So until it has removed the alcohol it is not going to work on the fat. Simple as that!

In simple terms, if you have two drinks a day you will be delaying your fat loss by a few hours but more than three or four drinks will delay your weight loss by as much as a few days – it is entirely up to you.

A fact to remember is that alcohol is known to dehydrate the system and very fast too. This raises the level of the hormone cortisol in the blood, raises estrogen and lowers inhibitions. So, this adds up to you losing muscle mass, gaining some stuff around the hip region and not being able to say no to any food that happens to hover around your nose. Add to this the fact that belly fat has an affinity to people who need that daily peg and you can kiss your weight loss program good bye.

So, if you are into weight loss seriously – you have got to lay off the booze!

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