All about Beijing

All about Beijing

All about Beijing - Great Wall of China - Beijing Olympics - History of Beijing - Capital of China | Tips on - Find TipsBeijing, China is the second largest city in China. Beijing holds the position of being the capital city of the Republic of China. Beijing is located in the north on the tip of the North China Plain. Beijing’s number one tourist attraction, The Great Wall of China runs along the north part of the city. Another famous location for tourists to visit is the Forbidden City which is located centrally in the city of Beijing. Here sits the ancient imperial palace of China’s past emperors. It is the oldest palace that remains intact. The area of central Beijing that is home to the imperial palace was dubbed the Imperial City because it was surrounded by walls. To learn more about the interesting and fun facts on the city of Beijing and all that is has to offer its visitors, read on.

Beijing is the capital or China, also known as the People’s Republic of China. This city is the second largest in China. It was home to the 2008 Summer Olympics. During the city’s imperial days, Beijing was called Peking. The city is broken down into 16 districts and 2 counties. In 1928 it was renamed Beiping but reverted back to its original name in 1937 when the Japanese had control of the city. The name Beijing literally translates into Northern Capital.

Beijing is represented by the China Rose or Chrysanthemum as the city flower and the Arborviate or Chinese Scholar Tree as the city’s tree.

The second largest city in China is divided into sixteen districts and two counties. As a whole it is known as one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. Beijing is the center for transportation, politics, culture, and education. Because of the city’s size, they suffer from high levels of air pollution. On any given day, pollution levels reach almost five times the standard of safety as set by the World Health Organization.

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