Allergy Triggers

Allergy Triggers

Allergy Triggers - Avoid Allergy Triggers - Common Allergens Triggers » Allergy TriggersSudden sneezes, coughs and skin reactions are a result of an allergic reaction which can be triggered by various allergy triggers. Many people suffer from allergies which can be caused by environmental factors, food reactions or emotional factors.

Children are particularly vulnerable to allergies due to their sensitive immune system. Whatever be the case, a person susceptible to allergies has to be on an alert throughout his life so as to prevent a happy day suddenly turning into a forgettable one. However, to prevent and treat allergies, you need to be aware of the allergy triggers.

Most of us usually relate congress grass, pollution and food items like nuts with allergies. However, there are various kinds and types of allergy triggers which can affect you in many ways. You can inhale them: dust, pollution, firework smoke, cigarette smoke, weeds, congress grass, etc; touch them:: cosmetics, dyes; eat them: food triggers; and even feel them: stress and emotional factors.

Let’s look at some of them in detail. Allergy triggers are different for different people. Many times you must have noticed going to a new place and sneezing continuously. This is an allergic reaction which could be triggered by the environmental conditions of the place, by pollens or congress grass and others. Also, in houses where there is wall to wall carpeting, the chances of mites coming are high and they in turn can lead to allergic reactions.

Wall paints too are allergy triggers as they can lead to headaches and itchy eyes. There are also people who are allergic to the fumes of perfumes and deodorants. The most common and well known allergy triggers are food items. Whatever be the trigger, it is important for you to first understand the trigger behind your allergic reactions so as to prevent them.

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