Almond: A Healthy Nut

Almond: A Healthy Nut

Almond: A Healthy Nut - Health Benefits Of Almonds - Nutritional Benefits Of Almond - Healthy Nuts - Almond Milk, Butter, Tree, » Almond A Healthy NutYou must have heard the famous saying-“Don’t go nuts over nuts”. But the time has come when this saying needs to be redefined as looking at the health benefits of certain nuts, one can easily get the license of going nuts over them. One such healthy nut is that of almond which not only tastes good, but has also got numerous nutritional and health benefits. According to new health researches, adding almonds to your diet can prove to be an effective prescription for leading a healthy and a happy life.

Almonds are good for health as they are full of monounsaturated fats which are the “good fats” due to their ability to maintain a healthy heart by helping in lowering the quantity of “bad” cholesterol from one’s body. In addition of being a hearty nut due to their ability to help in the optimum functioning of the heart, almonds are also rich in their content of protective nutrients like calcium and magnesium which help in providing strong and healthy bones. Magnesium is an essential nutrient which helps in relaxing veins and arteries thereby improving the flow of blood throughout the body. Similarly, they contain a good amount of vitamin E and phytochemicals which provide almonds the badge of being protectors from cancerous diseases and cardiovascular problems.

The best way to maximize the health benefits of almonds is to eat them with their skin on as the skin of almonds contains flavonoids which can provide numerous nutritional benefits. It has been found that almonds can assist in controlling diabetes as they help in lowering after-meal surges in blood sugar. If you are pregnant, then you should definitely get into the healthy habit of consuming almonds as they are a great source of folic acid which is required by the mother’s body. Moreover, they also aid in maintaining a healthy weight along with boosting long-term energy levels.

Looking at the health benefits of almonds, one can easily call them a wonder food. Thus, the next time you feel like having a munchy snack, go for the healthy and hearty almonds which can help in the overall well-being of a person.

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