Alternative Impotence Treatments

Alternative Impotence Treatments

Alternative Impotence Treatments - Treating Impotence - How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction » Alternative Impotence TreatmentsContrary to popular belief, getting old does not have to mean the end of your sexual activity. It is true, however, that as a male gets older he needs more and more stimulation to get an erection. On top of the fact that more stimulation is required (sometimes stroking and touching is needed), the period between erections also increases. Although this may sound pretty discouraging for the guys out there, it does not need to be a tragedy. There are ways to address this problem, just like any other medical problem out there. Sex can be enjoyed no matter what the age.

This condition is called Erectile Dysfunction and is very common between older males. It usually appears after the age of 40 but this is not a fixed rule, it can affect a man at any age. Studies show that about half of the men in their 40s and about 60 percent of the ones in their 70s are affected by this condition. Some of the most common factors that can influence the onset of this problem are drug use, alcohol, stroke, liver failure, brain injuries, fatigue and so on.

Erectile Dysfunction can sometimes be caused by a certain medicine that is being used. If this is the case, you should consult a specialist and change the medicine. It can also be caused by some psychological problems, such as feeling nervous when engaging in a sexual intercourse, feeling stressed, feeling depressed, troubled and so on.

A common way of treating this problem is therapy. It can show great results, and the bonus is that you do not get the side effects of a medicine. For better results, be sure to attend the sessions with your partner. Another effective treatment it is to learn some good sex positions. This can also be a great reliever of stress and anxiety, and will surely help your erection.

The most important thing here is to not be suckered into spending a lot of money, remember that there are lots of free ways to treat this problem. Why buy vitamins and other medicines when you can spice up your sex life a little and see if that shows any good results?

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