Alzheimers Disease Warning Signs

Alzheimers Disease Warning Signs

Alzheimer’s disease mostly affects people who are more than 65 years and is not a normal symptom of aging. It is the disease of the brain and its causes are still unknown. The most common warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease are given below.

It is quite normal for people to forget things like phone number of a friend. But people affected with Alzheimer’s disease forget the information learnt recently and do not remember later on. This makes them difficult to perform their day-to-day tasks.

We all have difficulties in finding suitable words sometimes but people with Alzheimer’s disease may forget even simple words and vocabulary. It may be difficult to understand their written or spoken language. They may denote even items of daily use incorrectly.

Generally you may put milk or something else on the stove for boiling and forget. But people with Alzheimer’s disease frequently forget to do simple and familiar tasks. For example, they may forget the steps to prepare a meal which they had prepared throughout their life.

It is normal to forget the date or what day it is today but people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease may completely forget about the time, date, month or what season it was. They may get lost in their own neighbourhood and may find it very difficult to find their way to home.

It might be difficult for a few people to balance their cheque books. But people with Alzheimer’s disease may have difficulties with performing simple numerical calculations like addition and subtraction of numbers. They may have difficulties in recognizing and understanding the different numbers on the cheque book. They have problems with abstract thinking.

It is common to misplace your keys, spectacles or combs temporarily. But people with Alzheimer’s disease with misplace uncommon things. They may place a wristwatch in the refrigerator and a bowl of milk in their wardrobe.

Ability to make judgment decreases. They might wear woolen cloths on a hot day or pay more amounts to shopkeepers. They become unhygienic. They may not bath but will think that they have taken bath. They may experience mood swings without any reason.

Personality and behaviors of such victims might change. They may loose interest in family friends and hobbies. They may loose interest in socializing, games, and become very passive.

Alzheimers Disease Warning Signs

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