American Express Benefits

American Express Benefits

Introduction American Express Benefits

In the past few years or so, Credit cards have been probably a boon to some and a dilemma to others. In general, credit cards really has made access and follow up to funds very easy globally.

One of the most used forms of credit card is the American Express. This credit card has been greatly used and accepted as a mode of transaction globally. It has entered the market as a major global brand in banking. The American express cards are issued by AMEX. AMEX offers special rewards to its most loyal customers making it the most distinct and unique provider in the sector


The American express boasts of having the best rates in the market. It has the most competitive rates than any other credit cards. American express service provider AMEX is highly rated for its customer care services. Very few credit card service providers conduct interpersonal follow-ups. This has been a very important customer relationship management strategy lacked by others in the industry. Another strategy implied by American express is loyalty rewarding. American express has in place a scheme to reward its most loyal customers

American express also hosts a package of other unique benefits not found elsewhere. They include:

1. Coverage to loss or any form of damage to your baggage while in transit.
2. Provisions of emergency services like finance and medical while traveling.
3. Room booking and reservations
4. Reimbursement for cancelled trips and booking fees
5. Guaranteed security from frauds
6. Acts as an insurance scheme of some sort

American express services have been tailored to accommodate even the small and growing businesses. AMEX has in host a number of credit card services which caters the needs of upcoming entrepreneurs. This has come with other benefits like cash back rewards as well as business travel and online shopping benefits.

AMEX has tailored its services to accommodate the different needs of different customers. There are no limits in withdrawals, maintenance fees is nil plus an introductory offer of up to 0%. Platinum card holders (most of which are business executives) benefit from a twelve month introductory offer and great discounts in business trips.

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