Ancient Culture of Tokyo

Ancient Culture of Tokyo

Ancient Culture of Tokyo - Skyscrappers of Tokyo - Tokyo Rail Transportation - Tokyo Finance Center | Tips on - Find TipsTokyo, the capital city of Japan is one of forty-seven prefectures. Tokyo is surrounded by the Chiba Prefecture on its east, the Yamanashi Prefecture on its west, the Kanagawa Prefecture south of Tokyo, and the Saitama Prefecture north of the city. Tokyo diligently combines the traditions of old world Japan with the modernization of the Western world. Amidst tall skyscrapers, industrial developments, shopping centers, and various forms of modern entertainment you can find a bevy of shrines, ryokans and museums that cater to the ancient culture and tradition of Japan.

Tokyo which means Eastern Capital was crowned the capital of Japan in 1868. The city previously existed as a small fishing village bearing the name Edo which means estuary. Tokyo is broken down into twenty-three wards which make up the complete city. The Greater Tokyo Area includes the Prefectures located to the east; north and south of the city proper make up the densest populated city in the world. Tokyo is also made up of many distant islands.

Aside from New York City and London, England, Tokyo is the third world finance center in the world. This metropolis has the world’s greatest gross domestic product (GDP). The city has a stronghold on the investment and insurance industries and is the center of Japan’s means of transportation and communication. Tokyo has the most advanced form of rail transportation in the entire world.

All of Tokyo’s beauty and innovation stems from years of hardship and destruction. In 1923 the city suffered from the catastrophic Kanto Earthquake. Some twenty years later the city was devastated by the atrocities of World War II. As the stock market fell in the late 1980’s Tokyo’s economic bubble burst. The city was under siege in 1995 by a nerve gas attack.

Hollywood has popularized the diversity, glamour and fast lifestyle of Tokyo in top films such as “The Fast and the Furious” and “Kill Bill.” Since the city’s birth in 1868, Tokyo, Japan has been named the most expensive city to live in worldwide by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

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