Angelina Jolie Revealed

Angelina Jolie Revealed

Angelina Jolie Revealed - Angelina jolie biography - Angelina jolie news - Angelina jolie love » Angelina Jolie RevealedWinning Oscars has been child’s play when compared to raising babies and managing keeping the romance alive in her relationship, revealed the pouty Angelina Jolie recently in an interview to a lifestyle magazine. She also confessed to some very deep feelings about her life with husband and Hollywood hottie, Brad Pitt, her views about a bigger family and her latest film role as Clover in the movie The Good Shephered, which is to be directed by yet another big name in Hollywood, Robert De Niro!

There’s a whole lot of public interest in the life of Angelina Jolie and her family, especially in the wake of her recently having adopting babies from different nations and having her own. She confesses to being a obsessive planner and also attributes some of the ease of juggling family interests with personal goals to being lucky.

Claiming to like variety, Angelina Jolie admits to loving different elements in her life, like working abroad, being with her kids and being with Brad. She also revealed during this latest chat with the lifestyle correspondent that she’d chosen this life for herself and would love to add to her family, as she loves the thought of having many more children.

On her role in the movie, The Good Shepherd, where she’s been said to have an aged look, Angelina Jolie said that she rather likes the idea of seeing her face old as aging is something she is comfortable with, not something she worries over. This is largely because she feels she has good genes: her Mother aged gracefully and she feels if she has anything of her mother in her, she should be blessed with aging that way too.

What makes her relationship with Brad and other people she loves work is the fact she never pretends with any of her loved ones; Jolie feels one should be able to be their own person, whoever it is at the moment, and that’s her secret for happiness as pretending to be someone else just doesn’t

Her advice seems to be working well for her, if her looks, success and international good will (thanks to a lot of humanitarian efforts by her on a global scale) are anything to go by – perhaps, implementing some of Angelina Jolie revealed secrets could enhance lives for ordinary people too!

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