Animation a Career Option

Animation a Career Option

Animation a Career Option - Career in Animation Field - Career Options in Animation | Tips on - Find TipsWhen you were kids you should have obviously watched Tom and Jerry, Mickey and Donald, Ritchie Rich etc. Obviously you should have also observed that, there is no person enacting these cartoons. Then how are these cartoons shows done?

These cartoon shows are done through animation itself. Now you should have watched kids sitting always in front of Cartoon network or Pogo. What they show are all animated shows only.

Animation is a field which is highly in demand. Anybody and everybody would love to be a part of this. But at the same time, this is a very hard job also.

Initially animation was drawing pictures with various postures and photographing it. The first idea of animation dates back to centuries when people use to draw pictures on the rock. Later people started using comical characters to make people laugh and now you can see that you are shown some serious series like Ramayana and Mahabharata being shown.

The word animation has been taken from a Latin word “anima” which means art of breathing life to a character. It involves design of cartoon characters, drawing, layout and production of rich graphics. You can make movies, games and cartoons using animation.

If you are a creative writer and have good drawing skills then this field is surely for you. Along with the normal animation you have 2D and 3D animation also.

2D animation

2D animation is the whole basis of 3D animation. It basically depends upon drawing and framing.

3D animation

3D animation on the other hand is more realistic. It involves character design, composition, composition etc.

Training is a very important part if you want to take this as a career option. Anybody with good drawing skills and passion for animation can join this field. Multiple options are open for animators. There is a lot of demand for good animators also. So I hope you are the one, the companies are searching for.

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