Aniston Answers Back

Aniston Answers Back

Aniston Answers Back - Jennifer aniston pics - Jennifer aniston news - Jennifer aniston biography » Aniston Answers BackAn A-lister star all the way, Jennifer Aniston (also known as Brad Pitt’s ex-wife) is a blonde beauty who has the girl next door look and is equally at ease falling into the femme fatale mode, if a role demands it.

Anyhow, the latest news about Jennifer Aniston is that she’s been answering back. Not that she’s turned awfully rude all of a sudden, but that she’s opened up a lot about herself recently to the paparazzi and is making a genuine effort to reach out to her fans and be a good role model as a stylish, hip and savvy youth icon. Which is why her answering back has come in the form of a fashion guide for her millions of fans, who’d love to ape her style.

Yes, Aniston answers back to all the secrets people want to know regarding how she puts together ‘the Aniston Look’ and has been giving style tips about what works for her and how she approaches life and career.

Jen just simply loves fashion, so it’s easy for her to put together a hip look all by herself even. She doesn’t go by the season’s dominated colors or trends, even though she does admit she follows a lot of what’s happening on the fashion circuit – but she doesn’t like being ruled by the fashion guru diktats.

Not quite the snobbish star people think her to be, Jennifer Aniston is pretty much likeable as she is good to look at, as she’s plain about saying that she has no hang-ups about wearing the same outfit twice – things other fashionable people have an issue with – which she regards as being a real pain in the a…!

Well, she’s nothing if not frank! She also has a liking for wearing flip-flops and jeans. And though the press has hounded her about having been fat and thin, she’s come to the point where she knows it’s impossible to satisfy everyone so she’s just stopped trying to please everyone. Instead, she likes being healthy and fit, so she does Hatha Yoga, running and eats healthy while her skin glows due to using Neutrogena soap- while the famous hair is all thanks to Just L’Oreal

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