Anna Kicks Enrique Out

Anna Kicks Enrique Out

Anna Kicks Enrique Out - Enrique and anna break up - Enrique iglesias new album - Anna kournikova and enrique iglesias marriage » Anna Kournikova Boots Enrique OutHe was once regarded as the smoothest singing voice who had successfully courted (and captured) the attentions of the most glamorous Russian tennis star and theirs was the love story of the decade – at least while the fire didn’t die out! But, as with all passionate love stories that begin with a bang, the Enrique-Anna affair wasn’t destined to last – as various rumours and misunderstandings took their toll on the young lover’s lives – resulting in the crooner allegedly getting the boot from his golden-girl, Anna Kournikova.

Most beloved of the pop-music fans for his single titled, ‘Hero’ Enrique had been going steady with the tennis star for close to 6 years and agreed they are now living apart. He was quick to add that it was only a “silly argument over his dogs” and that he was hopeful of making up with his live-in lover with whom he’d been co-habiting for nearly 6 months now. While being given the boot wasn’t exactly how he’d like it described, Enrique is confident that the stupid fight, as he’d like to refer to it, is only a matter of patching up when the mood is right, for he confesses to being ready to move in again with girlfriend, Anna, “when she lets me!”

At 33 years of age, the Spanish pop-star heartthrob was apparently bewitched with the golden-haired gal for he was full of praise over her beauty and personality: “she’s amazing, she’s beautiful and independent and strong,” which he regards as her most positive traits that keep him attracted to her.

While dad Julio Iglesias remained devoted to classical music, son Enrique took to more popular forms of singing and has made a mark for himself as a romantic singer who gives “electric performances” according to his girlfriend, Anna, and though she is currently mad at him, he was positive about marriage being on the cards for them and is looking forward to the release of his new single, ‘Away’ which is soon to hit the markets.

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