Antique Collection Tips

Antique Collection Tips

Antique Collection Tips - How to Collect Antiques - Antique Auctions | Tips on - Find TipsCollecting antiques is an interesting hobby. There are wide ranges of antique objects that you can collect. You can collect antique dolls, coins, jewelries, handicrafts, old bottles and the list is endless. You can collect antiques from several places.


Which antique object you would collect, depends on your personal preference. Some antique collectors collect perfume bottles, some collect dolls and others collect coins. Some people collect old matchboxes, whereas others collect old pictures, books and magazines. Your preference depends on two factors – money and available space.

Collecting antiques

Various shops sell antique goods. You can visit these shops to buy old paintings, sculptures or furniture. You can also ask your friends and relatives to give you the old items in their possessions. Certain old streets in Europe have stores packed with antique objects. Portobello Road and Bermondsey in London, Le Marche’ aux Puces in Paris, El Rastro in Madrid and Porta Portunese in Rome are the popular destination of antique collectors. You can also visit the flea markets or visit EBay to get the antique of your choice.


Auction houses are the most popular places to buy authentic antique items. Buying from an auction involves huge investments. However, with patience and tact, you can also buy some items from the auctions at a lower price. Often you will find one lot of similar items on sale. Although the items are similar, but nonetheless, they are sold individually. When the first lot is sold, the competition is high. Bidders in their desperation, often end up paying more than the real value of the object. It has been seen, that the bidding price drops when the latter lot of the item is put under the hammer. If you are willing to take risk, wait until the last lot of the item comes up for sale. In this manner, you can obtain an antique object at a lower price.

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