Aphrodisiacs Fact or Fiction

Aphrodisiacs Fact or Fiction

Aphrodisiacs Fact or Fiction - Aphrodisiac Properties of Chocolate - Sexually Suggestive Food - Aphrodisiac Romantic Food » Are aphrodisiacs fact or fictionSex is a universal activity and gives a lot of pleasure. In every culture there are certain foods known as aphrodisiacs that are thought to boost the sexual libido. But you want to know whether such claims are true or not.

The list of foods that are in this group is a very long one. However, their effects have not been scientifically proven. Because of the unscientific nature of the claims, many people contest the truth of the effects of such foods.


For a long time, they have been considered to possess aphrodisiac properties. Although there are no scientific studies on this, there seem to be some truth in it.

Oysters contain a lot of zinc, which controls progesterone production. Progesterone is the hormone that controls libido. It is accepted that the deficiency of zinc can cause impotence. So we shouldn’t doubt it if a source of zinc is considered as an aphrodisiac.

Sexually suggestive foods

Foods that are generally sexually suggestive are thought to be aphrodisiac. Caviar and egg remind us of the reproductive system.

Other foods such as banana, carrots and oysters remind us of the sex organs in many ways, especially by their resemblance to them. That is why they are thought to have aphrodisiac properties.


This might sound crude to you when alcohol is considered as aphrodisiac. This is because it changes the perception of people who drink and make them do things that they will not do if they are in their sober state.

There are many times that people, after drinking alcohol, make complete fools of themselves with people considered as less desirable.


Most traditions consider coffee as an aphrodisiac. But there is no proof of that. The only thing we know is that coffee is a stimulant and therefore its stimulation might be misunderstood as sexual arousal.


Chocolate is mostly considered as a romantic food, but its sexual qualities are very doubtful. Once some doctors claim it contains a substance that make people feel good, but later findings conclude that this feeling has nothing to do with sexual arousal.

The truth is that sexual feelings start in the mind and not in the body. Therefore most of these foods do not really have any such properties. Your mind plays on you due to what you have heard for so long.

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