Arachnophobia - What is Arachnophobia - Who Are Arachnophobiacs - Symptoms of Arachnophobia | Tips on - Find TipsArachnophobia is a phobia created from the fear of spiders. Many people do not like spiders or they constantly fear spiders but that is not exactly to worry about. However, Arachnophobics allows the fear of spider to take control of their lives.

This phobia also affects person’s living place, working environment and other activities of such person. The person might feel fear even from thinking about the spiders. Person can also suffer from real physical symptoms like sickness, fainting bouts, increased heart palpitation, and excess sweating.

The actual theory behind a person with Arachnophobia could be a disastrous experience with spiders during childhood. However, it is possible that they might have forgotten about the experience but it had been strong enough to remain in their subconscious minds. So whenever the person sees a spider, the mind panics, and the person is rendered vulnerable.

There are two kinds of people who suffer from Arachnophobia (they are known as Arachnophobiacs): Blunters and Monitors. Blunters will try everything in order to avoid a sight of spider. If they find the spider in the room, they pretend that the spider does not exist and they may ignore it, even though they are afraid to death. Monitors will first check whether there is a spider in the room where they are going and search for it till the extent to make sure that they doesn’t exist in the room. At all times, they tend to check the whereabouts of the spiders in whichever room they are in.

All phobias represent the unreasonable fear of something. In fact, there are few spiders that are actually dangerous to human beings but for the Arachnophobiacs, this does not really matter. It is of no use to tell them that the person is in no danger. They have nothing to do with whether the particular spider is harmful or not, they do not understand any logical reason behind it. For them, any spider is a spider that can harm people.

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