Are X-Rays Harmful

Are X-Rays Harmful

Are X-Rays Harmful - X-Rays Radiations - Harmful Effects of X-Rays - X-Ray Machine » Are X-Rays Harmful for the BodyDo you often go under the x-ray machine? If yes, then it might be harmful for your skin and body. While x-rays are a form of medical procedure for the discovery of some underlying ailment, overexposure to its rays may not be that beneficial. Read below and find out why and how x-rays can harm you.

X-rays radiations are ionizing radiations which can affect the structure of our body’s molecules and atoms within the cells. The x-ray photon can also strike the cell on its sensitive area thereby causing that cell’s death. Thus, overexposure to x-ray radiations can pose danger to your body. Moreover, overexposure to these ionized radiations results in the breaking of hydrogen-oxygen bond in the body thereby giving rise to the formation of hydrogen peroxide which is highly toxic to cells. This in turn can harm the overall health of a person. It has also been found that the chromosomes which are blueprints for the formation of new cells get changed by excessive radiation exposure and thus result in mutated cells. These cells in turn do not function properly or as desired. Thus, the major problems which can occur as a result of overexposure to x-ray radiation is erythema or the reddening of skin; radio dermatitis or dry, flaky skin; cataracts; and even cancer. This is because if cells get affected or die due to radiations, they lead to various ailments taking over the body. Moreover, if the DNA mutates, a cell becomes cancerous and it can spread affecting the entire body.

While there is no denying the fact that x-rays are quite critical and important in many medical treatments, you should use it only when needed. You should not frequently expose your body to these radiations which become harmful when overused.

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