Arms exercise

Arms exercise

Arms exercise - Best exercise to get big arms - Men arms exercise - Tips for bigger arms » Add 2 Inches To Your ArmsThe most cared for muscle group in the male anatomy is probably the biceps and the chest, and also the ‘lats’ or wings as they are often called. However, if you want to put on a couple of inches to your arms you should avoid too many exercises that are meant to build bicep and forearm muscles, many of these exercises include triceps extensions and bicep curls. You should concentrate on chin-ups and dips which ideally should include 3 sets of chin-ups and eight dips everyday.

Your arms will develop best when you concentrate on basic muscle groups such as your back, abdomen and shoulders say experts at the International Sports Sciences Association. You should also concentrate on what the gurus in the field refer to the ‘basics’ in context with exercising. According to them – and a lot of people who have tried and tested this technique- is the simplest of exercises – the chin-ups and the dips. These exercises combined force the body to move in more than just one joint. You will be using heavier weights that you would normally be using with single-joint exercises and at the same time you will be training one of the two – your back or your chest along with your arms and building your biceps.

Bu doing 3 sets of chin-ups and 8 dips daily you will be working out the muscles of your arms with every move and strengthening the muscle groups of the upper body as well. Just remember to take a 2 minute break between each set – one set is a repetition of each exercise 15 times.

It is advisable to begin chin-ups slowly. Begin with just three a day for a week then build it up to five and finally 8 or 10 over a period of a month. Make a routine and change your exercises frequently – before you know it your arms will begin to put on inches you never knew they could!

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