Aromatic Blending of Essential Oils

Aromatic Blending of Essential Oils

Aromatic Blending of Essential Oils - How to Make Aromatherapy Blends - Essential Oil Combinations » Aromatherapy BlendingAromatherapy is a very popular these days due to the wide spread of its healing powers. It uses various essential oils to bring about a physical, emotional and a psychological soothing and healing effect. While everybody is aware of aromatherapy and its benefits, very few of us know about aromatherapy blending. As the name suggests, aromatherapy blending is the process of combining different forms of essential oils, carrier oils, CO2, herbs and even water for the achievement of desired outcome. There is no limit on the number of essential oils one can use for the purpose of blending. While many blends for therapeutic effect contain only 3 to 4 essential oils, there are others which contain around 13 to 14.

Aromatic blending is for the sheer pleasure of aroma which can also bring about therapeutic effect. However, one needs to follow safety precautions before going about any sort of blending. Essential oils of same category are known for better blending effect. There are also other beneficial combinations like floral blends well with spicy and citrus oils; minty oils blend well with woodsy and earthy oils; and many more combinations. While aromatic blending focuses on aroma, aromatherapy blending looks at blending in terms of its therapeutic effect. Such blends aid in particular emotional or physical condition. Only if one is aware of the various properties of oils, one should go for blending so that it does not boomerang to produce the reverse outcome. When going in for therapeutic blending, determine essential oils which may be useful; list them in priority order when several effects are desired and do not indulge in blending if you are not confident about it.

Aromatherapy blending can be extremely useful if utilized in proper way as along with helping in producing desired aroma, blending of essential oils can also aid in treating various health problems and thus it is truly a healing process which helps in the rejuvenation of one’s body and mind.

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