Ask Your Child’s Teacher Some Basic Questions

Ask Your Child’s Teacher Some Basic Questions

Ask Your Child’s Teacher Some Basic Questions - Child Progress - Tips for Improving Children’s Behavior - Extracurricular Activities | Tips on - Find TipsAs children move off into their school years, the parents effectively hand over their child to their children’s educational providers. Now the child will have a support system at home and at school. It is important that the teacher and the parents have an understanding of what the child is learning and what the child’s capabilities are. Parent-Teacher conferences are the best opportunity to meet the child’s teacher and learn about the child’s performance strengths and weaknesses.

When attending your child’s parent-teacher conference, take a few moments ahead of time to prepare a list of questions to better understand how your child is developing. Make a checklist of questions that you would like answers to. These questions should focus on the children’s behavior, their social skills and their educational performance. By exchanging thoughts with the teacher, the parent can then continue to learning process at home.

Following are a list of questions that should be asked at your child’s parent-teacher conference.

Find out what the child’s strengths and weaknesses are. What subjects does the child like and respond well to and what subjects does the child shy away from and need help with? Does the teacher feel that the child is trying their hardest? If your child is weak in an area of study, find out if the teacher offers special one-on-one tutoring or group study sessions. Learn what you can do at home to help the child progress with their homework.

You will also want to find out how your child interacts with the teacher and fellow students. Are they disruptive or do they sit, listen and follow instructions? Is the child comfortable in the size classroom or does he/she feel intimidated by others? Find out how your child interacts with the other children. Are they open to sharing? Do they join in the group activities or do they keep to themselves? You want your child to be social and well rounded. Ask if the child participates in the classroom activities and what extracurricular activities are available for the child to participate in.

You also need to know if the teacher is capable of handling their classroom. What do they do if a child is having difficulty with a subject? How do they reprimand a disruptive student?

As you can see, there are many questions that parents need to get answers to in order to help their child grow and learn. Go prepared for your next parent-teacher conference.

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